Don't get lost!

Getting to our guesthouse is quite easy and we will show you how to arrive here using the safest and fastest roads!

We will provide you the best alternatives and directions to get to our place either from the airport or the main bus stations. We can also arrange a taxi reservation to pick you up as soon as you land. If you require the service or any further information, don't hesitate and contact us here.


From the Airport


To get to the city from the Jorge Chavez International Airport is needed to take a taxi cab. You are able to take public transportation outside of the airport but is not reccomended to wait outside. You can save some money, but you never know. Taxi services from the airport are pretty cheap in comparison to other cities. A taxi to our guesthouse is rated between US$16.00 (it's S/.45.00 as a flat rate, so the ammount in US$ will depend on the daily currency exchange).

We offer you here two possible routes the taxi driver should take (or if you decide to pick the bus, it's reccomended to get attached to the traditional option).

The traditional route consists on taking a ride along the Faucett, La Marina, Pershing and Javier Prado's Avenues, taking a right turn one block after the Aviacion Avenue for about four blocks and then half a block to the left. This trip will take you between 40min and 50min. during the day till 9:00pm, and between 20min to 30min at night.

The alternative route is reccomended just during the day in order to avoid the traffic jams in the main avenues. This route will take you through Lima's downtown area, the main speedway and the Javier Prado Avenue, which will take about 50min. during the peak hours.


From the Bus Stations


The most important bus stations are in the surroundings of the Javier Prado avenue and La Victoria district. We have put the locations of the most known bus companies in order to be able to get to our guesthouse in the way it suit you the most.

As you can see, the purple line is the route from our guesthouse to all of the most important bus stations we're mentioning. For example, getting from the Cruz del Sur, Orme�o, ExcluCiva, Tepsa and Cial stations, it will require a 10min ride during the day and 5 min at night (after 10pm). The standard taxi cab rate is between S/.10.00 and S/.15.00 (it will depend on how many people are travelling with you). We're just 16 blocks from all of these stations if you are in the mood of walking. If you want to take public transportation, you will have to cross the speedway from the bridge that is almos in front of the Tepsa Bus Station, and go down on the Aviacion Avenue, and walk four blocks to the right and the two blocks to the left when you see the Pecsa gas station. Write us here if you prefer to receive a map to get easily, or if you prefer us to arrange a taxi cab to pick you up as soon as you arrive.

From the La Victoria Bus Stations: Soyuz, Palomino, Oltursa, etc. it's reccomended to pick a cab in order to get anywhere on the city. A taxi cab to our guesthouse is rated between S/.15.00 and S/.20.00 (about US$ 6.00 and US$7.50 depending on the currency exchange). We can also arrange to get a taxi cab waiting for you as soon as you arrive, just write us here.