Live Lima 24/7


With almost nine million inhabitants, Lima is a dinamic city that offers everything you want and need 24/7, starting from hot sunny beaches in the summer to magic hideaways in the andean mountains in the winter, where you can practice almost every single adventure and extreme sport, no matter if you're a beginner or a pro. At night, the city has a vast variety of bars and clubs to fit your evening plans and waiting for you to discover them. And here we'll get you some hints!


Meet the Southwest Pacific Seaside!

Lima's coastline has been blessed with one of the most active seashores in the world to practice watersports, from surfing to kayaking, bodyboarding, windboarding, kitesurfing, sailing activities, waverunning, paddleling. With 250km of shoreline, this spectacular deserted area will give you some amazing spots where you will be able to practice your favourite sport according to your level and desire.

For surfing and bodyboarding, the area is full of quality surfing, where you'll find point-breaks such as La Herradura in Chorrillos, Centinela - 180km north, Pasamayo - 40km north, Punta Rocas - 50km south and Cerro Azul - 135km south as being the best known (waves from 6 to 12 feet); as well as offshore reefs for big-wave riders such as Pico Alto (up to 24 feet) and Kon Tiki (12 feet). Rock-reefs abound, with horror shows such as Penascal (from 7 to 12 feet) and El Huayco (6 to 9feet) being there for the brave. For the air-generation, try the beach breaks of Lima, such as Cascadas (6feet max), Triangulo and Caplina (9feet) in the Costa Verde, Villa in Chorrillos(8feet), and Conchan, San Pedro, Arica, Pulpos (all up to 8feet) or Explosivos (6 to 7feet) to the south. (Extracts taken from


If you're more into windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, paddling or skiing, this city can provide you with different spots to practice according to your needs and budget. For that kind of sports, and also for sailing and waverunning, you can go to La Punta's Marina in Callao, Ancon (40km north), Costa Verde's Marina, and Santa Maria, Naplo and Pucusana in the south (55km from Lima). Pro Sailing is practiced mostly in La Punta and Chorrillos, in the Club Regatas from each zone, and skiing is mostly practice in Bujama Lacus (85km south), an artificial lagoon created to host the international competitions and tournaments.



Outdoor & Trekking where the Andes were born

Lima's geography is one of the best envirorments to practice every single outdoor activity, starting from a nice jog around the Golf Club or the Coastline between Miraflores and Barranco, to feel the adventure of a 02 day Trek where the Andes were born, bungeeing from an old mountain bridge, waterfall rappelling, etc. You'll get it! Metropolitan Lima will welcome you with a vast ammount of facilities for this different sports (or you can just paraglide around Miraflores to search for your perfect spot), while the mountain area is the best place to test your adrenaline levels between nature, tradition and history. Is exactly in the Andean area where you'll be free to meet once again adventure, history, tradition and nature along the most amazing sightseeing scenarios from Peru that incluides mountain waterfalls, rock cliffs, misty forests, thermal water fountains and snowy mointains all together in the same spot!


For trekking adventures the options start with the northern area of Cajatambo, where you can choose between a two days trek to the peaks of the Andes, between the Cordillera Negra and the beginning of the Cordillera Blanca (named white because of their snowy peaks), a route that can be done walking or as downhill mountain bike trek. Closer to Lima is the mistic Lachay Mountains, hidden by the fog between the desert cliffs of Lima and the Andes. Lachay is an ecological sanctuary between the desert that also have one of the most amazing Inca ruins of Rupac, known as the Coastal Machu Picchu. As a complete contrast, 30 minutes from Lachay is the Chancay Castle, a gem from the Colonial era hidden between the misty cliffs of Pasamayo, and just below it, in front of the ocean lies the Eco Truly Park, a krishna community who lives in harmony with nature and invites everyone to visit them and share a spiritual time outside the stress of the big city. Heading south you'll find Lunahuana, a place known for the vast variety of outdoor activities like river rafting, trekking, cannoeing, rappelling, etc. Lunahuana is the host of the Adventure Sports Contest every december, gathering competitors from all over America.


But if you're looking for some magical breathtaking spots, one option can be the thermal water fountains and pools of Churin, known for their therapeutical use, are also an option if you're looking for a place mixing history, mistiscism and tradition; or the Markahuasi Stone Park, hidden in the top of a mountain, between cliffs and clouds. Here, the winds have carved the mountains with mythical figures and shapes for thousands of years, and some people say that the magnetic energy surrounding the place is the perfect spot for meditation and UFO sightseeing. Marcahuasi is indeed the place of energy and magic to explore in Lima if you're looking for a big adventure.




If your ideal trip is mostly focused into clubbing and pub crawling, Lima has a wide range of spots to fit on the type of adventure you're looking for. From bohemian bars and cafes, salsa clubs or electronic lounges, there's always something to do at night in the city. Lima's downtown is know for their historic bars and cafes, like the Bolivar Hotel Bar in San Martin's Square, the Queirolo Bar in Quilca Street or the Munich Tabern, this places are surrounded by history, tradition, and a completely different atmosphere than any other spot in the city. Barranco and Miraflores area hold the bohemian and posh bars and cafes at the same time, mixing history, tradition, art and the modern globalization standards to offer unique spots like Huaringas Bar, Cafe Zeta, Cafe La Maquina, Ayahuasca Bar, Santos Bar, Picas Bar, etc. each of them, with their own unique personality and vibe. But if you're looking for a classy elegant place, the English Bar in the Country Club Hotel in San Isidro is the best spot for you to visit.


The clubs on the other hand opens at 11:30pm but the party starts at 1am and lasts till 4am (3am the doors are closed in most of them due to district policies). As happened with the bars and cafes, each area of Lima has its distinctive type of club, each of them with its own nature and style. Downtown Lima has the most countercultural clubs, nihilistic, anarchist and bohemian at the same time like La Casa del Auxilio and Yakana Bar, or the famous El Averno and Mao Bar, home of the underground movement and concerts in the city. Miraflores host the posh clubs in town, where the design, architecture and style are the rule like Bizarro near the Miraflores roudabout and the Kennedy Park, or Gotica and Aura in Larcomar (the entertaintment center of the city). At the same time you can find some alternative spots like Bartini or Mama Batata in Larcomar and Nebula or Macarena as the most interesting spots in the district.


Down in Barranco you'll find the bohemian bars and clubs such as El Dragon (famous for its electronic parties on wednesday) and El Sargento Pimienta (both with live music some days), concert bars like La Noche, Barranco Bar, Help! and La Posada del Angel (specialized in trova), or clubs like Decibel and Drama (right in front of the beach). La Noche offers a variety of cultural activities and exhibitions from Monday to Saturday while El Dragon offers concerts on tuesdays and thursdays for free till 12:00am before the party starts.

So, where do you want to begin? Your trip is about to start!